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Rubber Landing Nets

Rubber Landing Nets

One of the biggest headaches while working as a guide is when a fish and or fish hook (especially a treble hook!) gets tangled up in a landing net. This makes it hard to release the fish… especially, when it’s dead. The netting ends up being all cut to hell by the end of the first week of guiding. Sometimes, that’s the only way to free a hook, by cutting it out. Use a rubber coated basket-style landing net. Most [Read More]

Almost a Guarantee

Almost a Guarantee

“Find fast water, find fish!” If you’re new to walleye fishing and not really sure where to find fish, there are many variables. In the warm summer months, I’d go to the main lake basin and scout some of the islands and rocky reefs out from shore. That’ll usually pay off for you. But, there is one thing that I can all but guarantee: If you’re fishing anywhere from mid-May until late June, go to the rivers where there is [Read More]

Go “Old School!”

Go Old School

“My old Twin Pipe never lets me down!” If you know anything, make that, ANYTHING, about me, you know that I like things to be as simple and as hassle-free as possible. That’s why I like crapping in my outhouse. It never gets plugged up, it never backs up and runs all over the goddam floor, I never have to make repairs to the pipes and it doesn’t use any water. Old School. I like the term, “Old School.” I [Read More]

What Are You, Chicken?

What Are You Chicken

“Rhode Island Reds make good laying hens” Before I get started on why it’s so rugged (and just plain cool!) raising your own food, like chickens, ducks, rabbits and pheasants, I must come clean on something that has to do with chickens. Really clean… I mean, embarrassingly clean. Are you ready? (Oh, shit, I’m not so sure if I should do this.) Reader to The Rugged Dude >>> “Okay, RD… take a deep breath… be brave and just friggin’ say [Read More]

You Get Your Water From Where?

You Get Your Water From Where?

“Clean water – for free.” I’m pretty lucky. I found a great piece of property that I really like. It’s private, 2.3 kms from the road and I could actually afford it. But, the coolest part – it has a river running through it. It has a good flow, it’s clear and there is plenty of it. About three feet is the average depth. It also has brook trout swimming in it… so some of my meals come from that [Read More]

Off the Grid – Why?

off the grid home

“My ultra-rugged off-grid kitchen!” “RD, why do you live off the grid?” That is a question I am often asked. My short answer is a simple one: “Because I want to.” My long answer however, has a little more detail in its delivery. I’m usually a bottom line kind of guy (especially, when I’m sitting with my goddam accountant!) so here is a quick overview of how this article is going to play out. If you live on the grid [Read More]

Your First Retriever

Your First Retriever

“I got ’em, I got ’em!” So, you’ve been duck hunting for a few years now and the thought of having a dog go and get your ducks rather than you having to do all the work sounds pretty cool. Well, you will find it to be pretty cool, and the good news is – your dog will too! Retrievers such as a Labrador or the Golden just love bringing things back to us, especially, dead birds! I’ve had several [Read More]

Eighteen Feet


“Dead deer – Rugged! Earings on a dude… unrugged! (Sorry, Chris, I couldn’t stop myself!!)” Eighteen feet is around the average height of one of my tree stands.  It’s likely the typical height that most tree stand hunters hang their stands at too, especially, the whitetail deer guys.  I’ve been hunting out of trees for about thirty years now and to my amazement many of my rugged hunting buddies still have not discovered the advantages of hunting from up in [Read More]

The Bait Debate


“Corn and apples on the ground, 25 yards out.” Sitting about 17 feet up in a tree sure gives me, the hunter, a great view.  It also makes it a little less likely for the deer to see me, smell me or hear me.  And, when they come in to eat the apples and corn I put there for them, they are distracted by all the free food! Since the deer is distracted, it gives me a good opportunity to [Read More]

My Big Rack


“Plenty of power, free of charge. Sort of…” As per usual, the Rugged Dude (that would be me, ya cement head) starts an article with a weird, if not somewhat, dumb title. A “big rack” could be taken as a nice big-ass buck with a set of antlers pushing the 150 mark. Or, a “big rack” could be provoke visions of a smokin’ hot chick with a very large set of… wait for it… titties. That’s right, I said titties. [Read More]