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Deer Decoys

deer decoys

“This decoy will hold the attention of a buck while you draw your bow.” I’ve been deer hunting from treestands for more than 30 years, but it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I started using decoys. And, I can tell you that there are some major advantages in using one. The obvious thing is that a live deer might be attracted to a decoy, making it more likely that you’ll get a decent shot. But, what I really [Read More]

Be Careful… We’re Watching You!

Be Careful We’re Watching You

“Not sure if this is a wolf or a coyote, but I’m leaning toward coyote. This guy looks very hungry just like “Wile E. Coyote,” who was always chasing the Roadrunner.” Many hunters use trail cameras these days. I never used to bother with them and I would half- jokingly say that using one is “cheating.” Then, one season I gave it a whirl… after that, I no longer considered it to be “cheating.” I then began to describe a [Read More]

Clean Out Your Eyes

Clean Out Your Eyes

Sorry, I didn’t actually mean the eyes in your head… I’m talking about the eyes in your jig head. I use jigs a lot, especially, if I’m fishing for walleyes or smallmouth bass. The more expensive ones usually come from the factory with just the head painted, as opposed to the less expensive ones that are fully dipped in paint. This causes the entire jig head and the eye (where you tie on your line) to become covered in paint. [Read More]

Kick Those Goddam Ticks in the Ass!

Kick Those Goddam Ticks in the Ass

I had never even heard of ticks until about 20 years ago. The first time I actually saw one, was back in about 1999, when I pulled a few off one of my dogs. But, the first time I had one of those little bastards stuck in me, would have been around 2005 or so. I was taking a shower one day and I thought, “What the hell? I had three stuck in me, so I grabbed a pair of [Read More]

Rugged or Unrugged

Rugged or Unrugged

People sometimes ask me what my idea of “rugged” is all about.  Well, that’s easy… to me, rugged means anything to do with huntin’ (rugged for ‘hunting’), fishin’ (same), chest waders, power tools, muddy trucks, camo, (but not that stupid pink and black crap that chicks wear at the mall), archery gear, a good campfire, torn jeans, chainsaws, duck blinds, Labrador retrievers and dirty coveralls… Or, simply put, my definition of “rugged” is the polar opposite of stupid crap like ballet, “spiffy” shoes, fine dining, wearing a [Read More]



“RD with his “lucky” buck.” Sitting fifteen feet above the frozen ground with a stiff, November breeze smacking you in the face can make a guy appreciate things like hot coffee, long underwear and woodstoves.  It can also make a guy appreciate whitetail deer hunting. As I very slowly moved my head from side to side I noticed a quick movement to my far right.  My heart rate accelerated and I suddenly forgot how cold I was.  But, within two [Read More]

Eighteen Feet


“Dead deer – Rugged! Earings on a dude… unrugged! (Sorry, Chris, I couldn’t stop myself!!)” Eighteen feet is around the average height of one of my tree stands.  It’s likely the typical height that most tree stand hunters hang their stands at too, especially, the whitetail deer guys.  I’ve been hunting out of trees for about thirty years now and to my amazement many of my rugged hunting buddies still have not discovered the advantages of hunting from up in [Read More]

Black Bears and Black Pepper… and Cayenne Pepper Too!

Black Bears and Black Pepper 1

“This misty spray just could save your life” I’ve eaten quite a lot of black bear meat in my life. And, just like most meats, I normally season it with salt and black pepper when I’m preparing to cook it. But, when I’m in the bush and I see a bear within my immediate area, I’ll “season it” with cayenne pepper over black pepper, any day. Cayenne-based pepper spray is, in my opinion, the best line of self defense against [Read More]

The Bait Debate


“Corn and apples on the ground, 25 yards out.” Sitting about 17 feet up in a tree sure gives me, the hunter, a great view.  It also makes it a little less likely for the deer to see me, smell me or hear me.  And, when they come in to eat the apples and corn I put there for them, they are distracted by all the free food! Since the deer is distracted, it gives me a good opportunity to [Read More]

My Big Rack


“Plenty of power, free of charge. Sort of…” As per usual, the Rugged Dude (that would be me, ya cement head) starts an article with a weird, if not somewhat, dumb title. A “big rack” could be taken as a nice big-ass buck with a set of antlers pushing the 150 mark. Or, a “big rack” could be provoke visions of a smokin’ hot chick with a very large set of… wait for it… titties. That’s right, I said titties. [Read More]