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Keep the Fishing Regulations Booklet in Your Boat

Keep The Fishing Regulations Book In The Boat

At least in Ontario, there seems to be more and more regulations every year. And, many pertain to certain lakes, let alone certain areas. I’m not a goddam walking computer and believe me, I know most of the laws, but not all of them! To avoid any possible “I think this is okay” situations, carry the “regs book” with you, either in your boat, or in your fishing vest. This will save you some head scratching and also, possibly a [Read More]

Fly Fishing for Beginners

Fly Fishing for Beginners

Yes, I know… one could read a whole book on this subject. But, I have a quick suggestion if you are thinking about trying fly fishing for the first time. Or, if you’ve already tried fly fishing for trout in a creek or river and had a hell of a time getting hooked up and tangled in trees, branches or on the bank. Smallmouth bass will take a fly almost any time. I caught my first “fly rod fish” when [Read More]

Hook Setting with a Fly Rod

Hook Setting with a Fly Rod

I do a lot of dry fly fishing, especially for brook trout. One mistake I used to make when I was a kid was to set the hook way too hard on a rise or strike. If you’re fishing for walleyes with a jig in let’s say, 15 feet of water, you can give it a pretty good snap when you’re setting the hook. The water creates pressure on the line (being submersed under all that water) and this would [Read More]

Orientation Meeting

Orientation Meeting

This is a biggie. When your hunters or fishermen arrive in camp, it is critical that you sit down for about twenty minutes, maybe more, to discuss the details of the trip. And, I’m not talking about what time dinner is served and what time you plan to start fishing in the morning. Here are a few questions to consider and obviously each meeting will have different questions depending on what type of guiding you’re doing and where, etc. How [Read More]

The Legend of the “Wulff”

The Legend of the Wulff

The name Lee Wulff is a hugely famous one within the fly fishing circles. He was clearly one of the most well-known anglers in all of fly fishing. Born in 1905, he died in a plane crash in 1991. I was on a trip to Newfoundland a few years back and my guide took me to where one of Lee Wulff’s cabins was built… and still remains. If you know anything about Lee Wulff I thought you might find this [Read More]

Always Have an Extra Paddle in Your Canoe

Always Have an Extra Paddle

Right behind my house, there is a fast flowing brook which runs into a stillwater section about 40 yards from my front door. I have a canoe sitting down there and I often go out for an evening paddle… fishing rod at the ready, of course. I go alone quite often, but I still keep two paddles in the canoe with me. If I were to ever drop over the side (which I have done) I’d be in a bit [Read More]

Foraging for Food (or bait!)

Foraging for Food

Fishing small creeks and little brooks is something that I love to do. I grew up fishing for brook trout in eastern Ontario and I have some great memories. Brook trout (specks) are fairly abundant where I live in Nova Scotia. I mean, they live in the brook that’s right behind my house… And, if given a choice, I’d use a 4 weight fly rod when I can. But, tiny creeks don’t often allow much room for casting, so that’s [Read More]

A Canadian Fly-In Fishing Trip… Yes, You Can!

A Canadian Fly-In Fishing Trip Yes, You Can

“Load ’em up, let’s go!” When I was a kid growing up in Ottawa, I used to love watching the old Red Fisher show. To me, that show was even cooler than Scooby Doo! Back then, Red was the only fisherman on Canadian television, so he was very famous in the Great White North, a household name. Every Saturday morning, I’d get up and stagger out to the kitchen and grab a big bowl of Captain Crunch (which by the [Read More]

Save Your Outboard Motor!

Save Your Outboard Motor

I do a lot of unguided fly-in fishing trips each year and before I head out fishing, I always check to see that the outboard motor has not been left in the “locked” position. I want the outboard to be in the “unlocked” position, meaning that at any time I can lift the shaft and prop out of the water. The main reason for this is that if I ever hit something heavy duty at high speed like a reef [Read More]

Explore, Scout, Recon, Snoop…

Explore, Scout, Recon, Snoop…

“Do NOT go on an unguided fly-in fishing trip without one of these!  Okay, I’ll repeat that and I’ll even put the friggin’ thing in red… Do NOT go on an unguided fly-in fishing trip without one of these! “ No, not Snoop Dog, for christ-sake! Snoop around… as in, snoop around the lake. Do some exploring, some scouting, some recon and some snooping. My favourite fly-in fishing trip is to an outpost camp, where you are dropped off, on your [Read More]