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We Call Them “Specks!”


“RD with a juicy speck from the Asheweig River” (This article was written when I was living in Northwestern Ontario) As a kid growing up in Ottawa, I spent some time sneaking along tiny creeks in southeastern Ontario with a pair of rubber boots, light action spinning rod and a can of worms.  I used to like the tiny red worms if I could get them after a rainstorm, but the big “dewies” worked fine too, cut in half. The [Read More]

Foraging for Food (or bait!)

Foraging for Food

Fishing small creeks and little brooks is something that I love to do. I grew up fishing for brook trout in eastern Ontario and I have some great memories. Brook trout (specks) are fairly abundant where I live in Nova Scotia. I mean, they live in the brook that’s right behind my house… And, if given a choice, I’d use a 4 weight fly rod when I can. But, tiny creeks don’t often allow much room for casting, so that’s [Read More]

Well, I Don’t Want Pants To Fall Down

Well, I Don't Want Pants To Fall Down

“The first pair sent to me by a viewer from Montana… full camo!” I recall a few times while doing meet and greets down in the United States when people would tell me that I remind them of Red Green. I guess… well, maybe a little bit. We’re both from Canada, we’re both half nuts and we both wear suspenders. I still find it somewhat amusing when people ask me why I wear suspenders. And, I do, pretty much all [Read More]

Theo, the Thermos

Theo, the Thermos

“Theo, the Thermos” If you wrap camouflage duct tape around something, does that automatically make it rugged? Hmmm… not necessarily, but it sure would help. Here are a few things that no matter how many rolls of duct you wrap them in, would never, ever become rugged: A pair of “spiffy” shoes A microwave oven An electric chainsaw A brief case A mini-van A wine bottle An electric lawn mower There are many things you could wrap duct tape around [Read More]