Ask RD

Ask RD

Attention all rugged dudes and rugged dudettes… if you have a question for The Rugged Dude, here’s your chance! You may have a question about cooking, fishing, hunting, or just a question about bein’ rugged.

RD will answer your question and we’ll post it up here on the site. Anything goes… even if you think he’s just a damn idiot and you want to tell him. He’s rugged, so he can take it!

Let ‘er rip!

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Recent Questions:
Q – RD, what’s with the cooking show? The Frontier Food. Is it going to be on TV soon or what?

A – Hoping… We pitched the Food Network in Canada last year, but they passed on it. They told us that they liked it, thought it was good… blah, blah, blah… but, what they really want are these stupid goddam “reality shows” (I call them bullshit shows) where there have these stupid (and fake) battles, challenges, wars… people arguing and throwing food… who can make the biggest pizza or some stupid shit like that. I just started pitching it again so we’ll see if it goes anywhere. I might produce it myself and pop it up on the Google. Screw them…

Q – Hey Rugged Dude, where can I buy the suspenders? My hubby wants them. Do they already come with the smell of fish guts on them?

A – We’re planning to start selling stuff like that sometime in the next few months… and if you really want me to, I’ll pick out a pair specially for your hubby, and then I’ll put them in a pail of fish guts for one week. Then, we’ll send ‘em to you… rugged!
Q – Rugged Dude, do you think you could ever live in a city, even if they paid you?  Justin, Halifax

A – No goddamn way! I’d rather live in a swamp than in a city and I’m not even kidding.

Q – Hey RD, I’m planning a fishing trip and I want to catch huge northern pike. Which province should I go to?  John, Vernon

A – I’d look at northern Manitoba or northern Saskatchewan. There some areas of the lower Northwest Territories that have huge pike also… But, if I had to pick one, it would be a coin toss between MN and SK.

Q – Hi Rugged. Why do you wear suspenders AND a belt? Real rugged men don’t do that!  Steve, Wyoming

A – What? I guess I just want to make sure my pants don’t fall down. You MUST be from Wyoming…

Q – RD, how many cast iron pans do you have and do you have a favourite?  Deb, Truro

A – I probably have about 9 or 10 (too lazy to go over and count right now.) Yes, a favourite one is a huge cast iron pan that was my great grandmother’s, who was either a Mohawk or an Algonquin, we’re not 100% sure. If anyone ever tried to steal that pan, they’d leave with one of their onions missing…

Q – RD, What’s a better chainsaw, Stihl or Husqvarna? Ryan, Ottawawa

A – I’ve always used Stihl chainsaws, but from what I hear, both are excellent. Like Honda and Yamaha generators… pick one. A Canadian beaver (no, not that kind!) makes a good back up saw if your chain ever gets dull…

Q – Hey, dude, how many hunting knives do I need before I should stop buying new ones?  Dave, Chicago

A – There is no number… a truly rugged dude can never have enough knives. So, turn off your stupid computer and go buy a new knife!

Q – RD, I used to watch your Officially Rugged show. Why don’t you start that one up again? It was ruggedacious! – M.F, Thunderbay

A – I did the series for 8 seasons and I really started to get sick of all the commercialism and bullshit in the fishing shows. I realized that no matter what, if you didn’t at least plug products on the show, you’d have no sponsors. If all I want to be is a salesman, I’ll go sell goddam cars. It’s way worse now than ever. Sell, sell, sell… kiss my ass, kiss my ass, kiss my ass!

Q – Hi Mr. Rugged Man… my gramma shot a moose when she was 79. Is she rugged enough for you? Mindy, Texas

A – Your gramma is more rugged than all other gramma’s put together! Now, if she carried the thing out on her back, all by herself, she’d be even more rugged than me!

Q – Hey, RD, my wife gives me shit when I get home late from fishing. What can I do to smooth things over? Clancy, Cleveland

A – Just try to convince her that by going fishing and bringing home fish, you save money on the grocery bill. If that doesn’t work, throw a handful of fish guts at her and then go find a new woman!