RD's Rugged Fishing Stories

One of the coolest things about doing a fishing show, is that I got travel a lot. I mean... a lot! I've fished in pretty much most parts of Canada, including the Northwest Territories, which is about as rugged as it gets!

I'll be adding more stories and articles as time goes by, but you are welcome to send in your own rugged fishing stories... and include a photo or two if you can. We'll put your name up at the top... full rugged marks!

The Freighter Canoes of Webequie First Nation

The Freighter Canoes of Webequie First Nation

“Isaiah Jacob has lived his entire life on the Winisk River and in a freighter canoe!” Since moving to Nova Scotia in 2014, I now know the thing I miss most about living in northwestern Ontario. The fishing trips… I had many great fishing trips with the “boys from up north,” as I call them, the Ojibwe. I’ve been to many of the fly-in reserves or “communities,” as we call them north of Thunder Bay and whenever I go, I [Read More]

How About Something New?

How About Something New

“RD with an average sized Arctic grayling from the Beaulieu River in the Northwest Territories” Okay, I guess that’s kind of a stupid title for a fishing piece. Confusing maybe too. When I say “new,” I don’t mean a new type of fish that was recently discovered by a group of scientists somewhere. But, the fish I’m referring to might be something new for you… in fact, it probably would be. The Arctic grayling is something that most people simply [Read More]

Northwestern Ontario’s Walleye Wonderland

Northwestern Ontarios Walleye Wonderland

“Me and my ultra-rugged fishing buddy, Mike (Plexy) Plexman with a juicy Ogoki River walleye. (Mattice Lake Outfitters)” I don’t know how many walleyes I’ve caught in my life. Thousands and thousands, I’m sure. And, the vast majority of them were caught somewhere in northwestern Ontario, deep in the Canadian Shield, north of Thunder Bay. I’m not sure how many walleyes I eaten in my life. Not thousands… but, hundreds? Damn straight, Jack! My preferred fly-in fishing trip is to [Read More]

A Canadian Fly-In Fishing Trip… Yes, You Can!

A Canadian Fly-In Fishing Trip Yes, You Can

“Load ’em up, let’s go!” When I was a kid growing up in Ottawa, I used to love watching the old Red Fisher show. To me, that show was even cooler than Scooby Doo! Back then, Red was the only fisherman on Canadian television, so he was very famous in the Great White North, a household name. Every Saturday morning, I’d get up and stagger out to the kitchen and grab a big bowl of Captain Crunch (which by the [Read More]

We Call Them “Specks!”


“RD with a juicy speck from the Asheweig River” (This article was written when I was living in Northwestern Ontario) As a kid growing up in Ottawa, I spent some time sneaking along tiny creeks in southeastern Ontario with a pair of rubber boots, light action spinning rod and a can of worms.  I used to like the tiny red worms if I could get them after a rainstorm, but the big “dewies” worked fine too, cut in half. The [Read More]

The Guide’s Shore Lunch… Put on a Performance!

The Guide’s Shore Lunch Put on a Performance 2

“Rugged fish, rugged food!” (This article was written when I was living in Northwestern Ontario) When I dropped the very first piece of fresh-caught walleye into the hot oil, you could hear the sizzle all the way to Kalamazoo, Michigan.  You could smell it all the way to Tokyo… but I was in Manitoba.  Okay, I might be stretching it just a wee bit, but not too much. Since the early days of Canadian fishing trips, especially, fly-in fishing trips, [Read More]

Big Lake – Big Lake Trout

My Biggest Fish

Okay, this might be kind of a weird way to start off a story about a fishing trip, but, I’m doing it anyway. It’s about these, um, these… sausages.  That’s right, I said sausages!  The most amazing, mouth-watering, involuntary drool causing sausages known to man.  And, the only place I’ve ever seen them, is at Rusty’s Lodge in Northern Saskatchewan. Never in my life have I ever tasted sausages soooooooo good! I found out they were made locally by an [Read More]

Planning Your Menu

Planning Your Menu

“Loading up the Otter” (This article was written when I was living in Northwestern Ontario) If you are planning a fishing trip to Canada with a tourist operator, without getting into too much detail, you have mainly two choices.  One option is to go to an “American Plan” lodge or resort where they have a cook or chef and all of your meals will be taken care of.   Or, you could go to an “outpost camp” where you’ll be on [Read More]