RD's Rugged Hunting Tips

For me, it all started back when I was barely old enough to stand and pee without falling in it. My “Grampa” (the legendary Ewart E. Carson) took me out and got me started on guns and fishing rods. One thing I have burned into my memory bank is when he would get all of his guns out, spread them out all over the kitchen and start cleaning them. I can still smell the Hoppe’s # 9 cleaning solvent. I can also remember my Grandmother saying, “Ewart, do you really have to do that on the kitchen table?”

Since I was a kid, huntin’ (rugged for hunting) has been a huge part of what I do… I may hold the world’s record for the man who has built the most duck blinds in his life. I still remember the first duck I shot. And, my first grouse… And, my first deer. Huntin’ not only provides delicious and healthy food, it’s also just plain cool!

I’ll be adding a few tips each week, but I would love to hear from some of my rugged brothers and sisters out there. Send in your ultra-rugged hunting tips and we’ll post ‘em (rugged for them) up for you. We’ll put your name up at the top giving full “bush cred.”

If Your Dog is Not Ready…

If Your Dog is not Ready

Let’s say you got a Labrador retriever last year, and you got it as a puppy… great. Labs are rugged! And, this fall you want to take him out for some duck hunting with you and your hunting buddies. Warning: Unless you are hunting with very good friends who will “understand” and will be “patient” when your dog completely ruins up their hunt, leave him at home until you have him trained and he is ready. Now, if your pup [Read More]

Always Carry a Headlamp

Always Carry a Headlamp

I remember back “in the old days”… um, like about 20 years ago, always carrying a bulky flashlight into the woods. I also can recall one dumbass move I made where I was gutting a deer in the dark and I had the flashlight under my arm, trying to aim it enough so I could see what the hell I was doing. Well, of course, I cut myself! Hence the word, “dumbass” above. The headlamp is the coolest and ruggedest [Read More]