Nothing Wrong With being LAZY

Nothing Wrong With being LAZY

“Maybe I should call my sharpener Lay Z!” I don’t mind doing things the easy way… you could even call it the lazy way. Hey, I have an idea… if I ever become a famous rapper (The Rugged Rapper, dressed in full camo and wearing a pair of suspenders and hip boots), I already have my rapper name picked out – Lay Z But, sometimes the lazy way is just another way of describing the easy way. For years, I used [Read More]

Hey, What About Your Legs?

Hey, What About Your Legs

“Take care of your legs… you only have two of them!” I often see people running their chainsaws… whether in their yard, removing a downed tree or in the bush cutting some firewood. And, I am often surprised to see how little safety is gear used, sometimes not even a pair of safety glasses. Let’s go back to about 1972, or so. I was just 10 years old then and my Grampa had me using the old McCullough chainsaw, the [Read More]

You Get Your Water From Where?

You Get Your Water From Where?

“Clean water – for free.” I’m pretty lucky. I found a great piece of property that I really like. It’s private, 2.3 kms from the road and I could actually afford it. But, the coolest part – it has a river running through it. It has a good flow, it’s clear and there is plenty of it. About three feet is the average depth. It also has brook trout swimming in it… so some of my meals come from that [Read More]

My Pet Fox

My Pet Fox

Back in 2010, I started building an off-grid house, way the hell back in the woods, 35 miles west of Thunder Bay, Ontario. This was a very good hunting and fishing area and it wasn’t unusual to wake up in the morning, look out my window and see deer, moose or black bear, along with a wide assortment of smaller critters like porcupines, pine marten, coyotes, wolves and squirrels. I even saw some drunk dude wandering across my back yard [Read More]

Kick Those Goddam Ticks in the Ass!

Kick Those Goddam Ticks in the Ass

I had never even heard of ticks until about 20 years ago. The first time I actually saw one, was back in about 1999, when I pulled a few off one of my dogs. But, the first time I had one of those little bastards stuck in me, would have been around 2005 or so. I was taking a shower one day and I thought, “What the hell? I had three stuck in me, so I grabbed a pair of [Read More]

Portable Generator

Portable Generator

You’re thinking of going “off-grid” and for your main power source, you’ve decided to go with either solar power or windmill generation. Good plan, I love it! If you’re like me, you’ll have plenty of power tools in your workshop. Things like a circular saw, bench grinder, mitre saw, radial arm saw, table saw, drill press… all of these will work well on a small portable generator. I recommend you get one rather than relying on your main power supply [Read More]

What Kind of Firewood?

What Kind of Firewood

“Birch is often used” Here is the easy answer… any kind as long as it’s dry. But, there’s a bit more to it than that. First things first… Green firewood is a bad thing. Green wood still has too much moisture in it and burning this stuff will cause your chimney or stove pipes to build up with creosote. And, that damn stuff can easily combust and start one hell of a fire. Burning your house down because you used [Read More]

What Are You, Chicken?

What Are You Chicken

“Rhode Island Reds make good laying hens” Before I get started on why it’s so rugged (and just plain cool!) raising your own food, like chickens, ducks, rabbits and pheasants, I must come clean on something that has to do with chickens. Really clean… I mean, embarrassingly clean. Are you ready? (Oh, shit, I’m not so sure if I should do this.) Reader to The Rugged Dude >>> “Okay, RD… take a deep breath… be brave and just friggin’ say [Read More]

How to Cook on a Wood Burning Cook Stove (without going mental!)

How to Cook on a Wood Burning Cook Stove

When I think about things like living off the grid or homesteading, an old wood burning cook stove comes to mind, right away.  I couldn’t live the way I do without one. “The focus of my Ultra-Rugged kitchen!” Some of my fondest memories of when I was a kid were when I used to watch my Grandmother cooking on the old wood stove. There was something really special about coming down the stairs on the opening morning of duck season [Read More]

Off the Grid – Why?

off the grid home

“My ultra-rugged off-grid kitchen!” “RD, why do you live off the grid?” That is a question I am often asked. My short answer is a simple one: “Because I want to.” My long answer however, has a little more detail in its delivery. I’m usually a bottom line kind of guy (especially, when I’m sitting with my goddam accountant!) so here is a quick overview of how this article is going to play out. If you live on the grid [Read More]