The Rugged Dude on Swearnet!

rugged dude on swearnet

The Rugged Dude teams up with Mr. Lahey and Randy Bobandy from the Trailer Park Boys.  Mr. Lahey gives a “good finger.”   And, Randy is not the only dude who “looks awesome with no goddam shirt on! Mr. Lahey was “totally fucked” as usual and Randy made a cheeseburger for the Rugged Dude which ended up being thrown back at him… RD nails him right in the gut with that goddamn cheeseburger!  Then – LOOK OUT! Check out the episode [Read More]

Well, I Don’t Want Pants To Fall Down

Well, I Don't Want Pants To Fall Down

“The first pair sent to me by a viewer from Montana… full camo!” I recall a few times while doing meet and greets down in the United States when people would tell me that I remind them of Red Green. I guess… well, maybe a little bit. We’re both from Canada, we’re both half nuts and we both wear suspenders. I still find it somewhat amusing when people ask me why I wear suspenders. And, I do, pretty much all [Read More]

How ‘Bout Them There Rugged Dudettes!?!?!!!

How ‘Bout Them There Rugged Dudettes

“Rugged Dudettes are just as rugged and in many cases, even MORE than the Rugged Dudes!” One thing that never surprises me is just how many rugged women there are out there! Okay, women, ladies, girls… chicks… whatever. There once was a time when very few women went hunting or fishing. These days, there are tons of women out there, hammerin’ Canada geese, slayin’ ring-necked pheasants, drillin’ whitetail deer, moose and elk with their bows and catching anything catchable with [Read More]

The Rugged Dude Dinner Jacket

The Rugged Dude Dinner Jacket

“This is the only type of “jacket” I’ll ever need!” I do not own a suit and tie. Not even one. I don’t even own a “sports jacket.” Believe it, or not… I really don’t care. And, I will never own one either. I’ll never need one. If you ever saw me in one, you wouldn’t recognize me. I do have several Dinner Jackets, however… the Rugged Kind! And, I like them the most when they’re really broken in… “ruggedized,” [Read More]

Make It Bigger!

Make It Bigger

“Like my 3 pound walleye?” No, you jerk, I’m not taking about your “dude digit.” There is nothing you can do to make that thing bigger… I’m talking about the fish you just caught. Hold it out and it becomes… bigger. That walleye is now 3 pounds. It mysteriously grew from about a pound a half to 3 pounds. There you see? I’m not just the world’s number one Rugged Dude. I’m also smart as hell! Only one problem though… [Read More]

The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

The Cabot Trail

“The tiny village of Meat Cove, at the very northeast tip of the island.” Cape Bretoners are well aware of the land they live on… many will say it’s a part of their soul. But, many people from around the globe may not be quite as up to speed on just HOW gorgeous it is “up there.” Cape Breton Island really is one of the most spectacular places in all of Canada. There is a road (tourist destination) called the [Read More]

The Legend of the “Wulff”

The Legend of the Wulff

The name Lee Wulff is a hugely famous one within the fly fishing circles. He was clearly one of the most well-known anglers in all of fly fishing. Born in 1905, he died in a plane crash in 1991. I was on a trip to Newfoundland a few years back and my guide took me to where one of Lee Wulff’s cabins was built… and still remains. If you know anything about Lee Wulff I thought you might find this [Read More]

My Biggest Fish!

My Biggest Fish

“Lac La Ronge has enormous lake trout!” “Hey, RD, what’s the biggest fish you ever caught?” I am asked this question a lot… especially by kids. I caught this lake trout back in 2004 on Lac La Ronge in northern Saskatchewan. I caught it on a Lucky Strike Lizard dragged behind a downrigger in about 100 feet of water. That bugger fought me for about a half hour or so… and we had a tough time getting him into the [Read More]

Be Careful… We’re Watching You!

Be Careful We’re Watching You

“Not sure if this is a wolf or a coyote, but I’m leaning toward coyote. This guy looks very hungry just like “Wile E. Coyote,” who was always chasing the Roadrunner.” Many hunters use trail cameras these days. I never used to bother with them and I would half- jokingly say that using one is “cheating.” Then, one season I gave it a whirl… after that, I no longer considered it to be “cheating.” I then began to describe a [Read More]

Rugged Roy

Rugged Roy

“Rugged Roy all geared up for the hunt!” Standing in my kitchen, I was just getting ready to go out and light an ultra-rugged campfire when my phone rang. “Well, it’s got a lot miles on ‘er… it was my mom’s vehicle and she didn’t want to mess with it so she asked me to sell it for her. But, it’s in pretty decent shape.” Enter classic Jamaican accent, “Okay, mon, no big deal, everyt’ing alright, mon. I’ll come by [Read More]