Take Off to the Great White North

Great White North

“Canada has too many rivers to count” Do you remember Bob & Doug McKenzie? You know those “take off, eh” dudes from back in the early 80s… They would sit around, pound down some brewskis and talk about donuts and Canadian back bacon. I thought those guys were funny as hell and I actually learned from them too. For example, never in my life had I heard anyone in Canada say, “take off, eh.” Nor, did I ever hear someone [Read More]

Oh Canada!

Oh Canada - Moose in Water

Whenever I meet someone from a different country like the USA, or someone from a different part of the world altogether, they often tell me that I am lucky to live Canada. I agree. We have a very small population considering the size of the place… lots of room to live. One of the best things about Canada is the remoteness that we have; the wilderness, the lakes, the rivers, the mountains… and the wildlife. Bottom line – Canada is [Read More]

Theo, the Thermos

Theo, the Thermos

“Theo, the Thermos” If you wrap camouflage duct tape around something, does that automatically make it rugged? Hmmm… not necessarily, but it sure would help. Here are a few things that no matter how many rolls of duct you wrap them in, would never, ever become rugged: A pair of “spiffy” shoes A microwave oven An electric chainsaw A brief case A mini-van A wine bottle An electric lawn mower There are many things you could wrap duct tape around [Read More]

You Know You’re a BIG TIME Celebrity When…

You Know You’re a BIG TIME Celebrity When

“One Rugged Youngster!“ When I started doing TV back in the early 2000s, I had no idea what to expect. It was quite the eye opener… a real candid view of the way people see “celebrities.” Personally, I think the whole thing is really weird. And, funny as hell sometimes too! One of the very first “holy shit” situations happened in the Edmonton airport back in 2002. Myself and my camera “crew” (which was a total of… one guy) and [Read More]

Close Encounters of the Rugged Kind

Close Encounters of the Rugged Kind

If you’ve ever seen my previous hunting and fishing series, Officially Rugged with RD, as much as I did a lot of fishing and hunting in the series, you’ll know it really was just a comedy show. There was none of this “how to” crap and none of this “I’m a pro-staffer and I know a lot about fishing” bullshit either. I would always say, “You won’t learn a goddam thing about hunting or fishing by watching me.” When I [Read More]

When the Rugged Dude is Away, the Animals Will Play!

Rugged Dude Animals

Back in 2010, I built a new house way back in bush and way off the grid. The property was 35 miles outside Thunder Bay, in an area known as “Kam,” short for Kaministiquia. Somewhere near the halfway point in the building process, I had to leave town for a few weeks to teach a guide training course in Manitoba. Not that I was paranoid, but more curious to see who, if anybody, was snooping around while I was gone. [Read More]

Ojibwe and Cree History & Culture

Ojibwe and Cree History

“Veteran guide, George Whitehead, from Webequie First Nation guiding RD” In 2014, I made a big change in my life. I moved from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Nova Scotia. I’d spent 25 years in the “Lakehead” and I sure do miss the place sometimes. (I don’t miss the goddam 40 below zero temperatures in the winter though!) The fishing and hunting is spectacular there and so are the people. One of the things I miss most is going “up north” [Read More]