Large Eggs… a Recipe Standard

Large Eggs... a Recipe Standard

“A coop egg vs the store-bought large egg”

If you are baking something; a cake, a pie, some bread… or whatever, and the recipe calls for eggs, it is always understood that they mean large eggs. Not small, medium or extra large. This is an industry standard.

Many people that buy their eggs often buy extra large eggs. And, people who get their eggs from a chicken coop end up with a basket of random sized eggs on every trip to the henhouse. Why is this important? Well, it isn’t really, unless you’re baking and the recipe calls for a certain number of eggs. The difference in the overall volume of eggs between, let’s say one egg and six eggs would be quite a lot, enough to possibly screw up your bread, or what-have-you.

In the picture you can see the difference between a store-bought “large” egg and a random egg from the coop. So, if you do use chicken coop eggs, be careful when you decide which ones to use in your baking recipe. If the recipe calls for one, or maybe even two
eggs, I wouldn’t worry about it all. But, if it calls for more than that? Ya, maybe.

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