Something a Little Different

Something a Little Different

“Don’t worry about the veggie thing… you’ll still be rugged!”

I guess it’s safe to say that the standard-issue shore lunch comes with fried fish (duh!), fried potatoes, canned beans or maybe even a can of corn. This is my favourite and it’s probably yours too, if you’ve had a shore lunch or two in your day. But, hey, try something a little different, especially if you’re guiding a group and you’re making a shore lunch five or six days straight.

Instead of fried potatoes, serve pasta and a vegetable stir fry. You could boil the pasta back at camp (the night before) and the vegetables can be cut up in advance too. All you have to do is get your pan hot, add some oil, add the veggies and toss them around for a couple minutes and finally add the pasta, just to warm it up. It’ll already be cooked right through.

You could toss in some garlic, basil, oregano… salt and pepper. A little blob of butter never hurts anything… You might be surprised just how good this is for shore lunch. So will your guests, if you’re guiding.

Don’t worry about the “veggie thing.” You’ll still be rugged.

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