Almost a Guarantee

Almost a Guarantee

“Find fast water, find fish!”

If you’re new to walleye fishing and not really sure where to find fish, there are many variables. In the warm summer months, I’d go to the main lake basin and scout some of the islands and rocky reefs out from shore. That’ll usually pay off for you. But, there is one thing that I can all but guarantee: If you’re fishing anywhere from mid-May until late June, go to the rivers where there is some current and you will find fish.

Walleyes often spawn in areas where there is some fast moving water and they should be “all spawned out” by the middle of May, when the walleye season opens up. But, they will hang around the area for a while and they will be quite hungry after all that hard-core fish sex… in other words, they’ll be in the mood for rough sport!

The water depth will likely be in the 10 – 15 foot range. You’ll want to be on or near bottom, so jigs are nearly always your best bet. Live bait like minnows work well, but simply plastic jig and grub bodies are all you really need. I rarely use live bait these days. You’ll likely need an anchor… and a sonar unit would be huge, because with one, you could find a few holes in that “10 – 15 foot” water depth that you would have had no idea were even there. I used to fish in the Dog River near Upsala, Ontario quite a lot and on this particular day, I found a 24 foot hole in the river. And, then we really kicked ‘em in the ass!

Kicking walleyes in the ass? Rugged!

On a side note – if you catch a walleye in the 3 – 8 pound range that time of year, it’s likely a female so it might be a good idea to set ‘er free… she just may not be “all spawned out” yet.

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