Be Ready With That Camera!

Be Ready With That Camera

“Hold the fish properly and if it’s a big fish, support its back”

Working as a fishing guide means you’ll be taking a lot of photos for your guests. Digital cameras are so handy… you can take a million pictures and if there are some you don’t like, get rid of them.

Keep in mind that the pictures you take for your guests will be very important to them. Make sure the shot is a good one, meaning, you can see the fish well and there’s no blood dripping down through the gill plate. Get in close too, we don’t care about the sky or someone’s feet… and make sure the fisherman actually has a smile on his face! The best way to get that shot is to say “one, two, three,” and then click. Tell your guy that on “three” you’ll be shooting. If your people are fairly new to fishing, show them how to hold the fish properly and if it’s a big one, support its back. Sometimes your guests will prefer you hold a big fish, especially a big northern.

Rule one: always have your camera handy because the longer you screw around posing for pictures, the less likely the fish will survive when you release it, which you will most of the time.

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