Easier Hook Removal

Easier Hook Removal

If you fish with a lot of artificial lures like I do, you’ll have a bunch of crankbaits, top-waters and spoons in your tackle box that have two or sometimes even three treble hooks on them. If you catch a fish and its mouth is closed tightly on all three hooks of one treble hook, you have a problem. And, so does the fish.

In this scenario, the only way to get the treble hook out of the fish’s mouth is to pry the mouth open and twist the hooks. You’ll end up damaging the fish’s mouth this way because all three hooks are preventing you from twisting or opening the mouth in the first place. A better plan is to remove one hook from each treble hook on all of your lures. Use a pair of small bolt cutters and cut one hook off of each treble. This way, the fish can’t clamp down on three hooks at one time. Removing them is now a lot easier because you can twist without tearing the fish’s mouth apart. Single, barbless hooks are really the best option.

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