“Northern pike have wicked teeth and they like big meals!”

If you have little to no experience fishing for northern pike, especially, those big bastards we have up in Canada, here is your warning – these fish have teeth like sharks. Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch, but not by much. They do have teeth like an alligator though and that’s why we frost-bitten Canadian boys call them “Gators.”

In the picture, you see another fish – a walleye – that was attacked by a Gator. It was a lucky day for the walleye, because he got away. It was an unlucky day for the Gator because he had to find another restaurant to eat at. My point is when you’re dealing with a pike in the boat and you’re trying to remove hooks, be very careful! No, it’s not going to try to bite you… it’s a fish, it doesn’t think like that. (It might however, thrash its tail and smash you in the balls, which I saw once. Funny as hell! And, no, it wasn’t me who got his balls smashed, so therefore… it was funny!) But, all it takes is for the pike to make a sudden move, thrash around a bit and the next thing you know you have two problems – one, a couple teeth jammed into your hand and two, a hook or two also jammed into your hand.


“This is a small pike, but I still recommend you wear a glove and use long-nose pliers and jaw spreaders to remove the hooks.”

If you wear a non-slip (in theory) glove to hold the pike behind the head, you can then use a pair of long-nosed pliers to remove the hooks. Use a pair of jaw spreaders too, to hold the fish’s yap open. If it’s a large pike you’re dealing with, slide your hand up inside the gill plate and hold it that way. If you feel the gills raking your hand (they’re quite sharp too) move your hand closer to the jaw bone. This takes practice but once you learn how to do it, you’ll be fine.

I’ve only harpooned myself with a hook once but I can assure you, once was enough!

Hooks in the finger – unrugged!

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