Frontier Food With The Rugged Dude

Frontier Food With The Rugged Dude

Frontier Food with the Rugged Dude… Yes, I know it rhymes, it’s supposed to.  Andy, one our ultra-rugged camera dudes first suggested “Wild Food with the Rugged Dude,” but we quickly found out there is already one or maybe even two shows with the words, “Wild Food” in the title.  So, what with the frontier part? Well, a friend of mine once told me that my “frontier kitchen” looks pretty rugged. I thought that could be part of a cool, er, um, I mean… a rugged title.  And, so it is.

Okay, let’s get straight to it… this show is rugged! No microwave oven, no electric can opener, no electric blender, no fancy-ass stand mixer and none of this $500 food processor crap either! Just me, my knives and my 100 year old wood burning cook stove! Not to mention a whole pile of delicious and healthy wild fish and game that I hunt and catch myself. When you live off-grid, back in the bush, you learn to fend for yourself!

Below are a few short segments that we pulled from a full length pilot that we shot recently. You’ll see me cookin’ (rugged for cooking) up a couple wild mallard ducks that I shot the day before. I serve ‘em with a mushroom cream sauce on fettuccini.  And, let’s throw in some fresh asparagus on the side.

Check it out!

Frontier Food With The Rugged Dude 3

Ultra-Rugged Crew:

Rugged Dude: Host, Writer, Director
Arja Bingham: Floor Director

John Zupan: Production Manager, Lights, Audio (and a bunch of other stuff)
Matt Popowich: Camera Operator
Andy Wigwas: Camera Operator
Adam Zupan: Camera Operator
Kyle Aschaber: Camera Operator
Chef Sharon McWatch: Culinary Assistant
Sarah Welby: Make-up Artist
Heather Saunders Sutherland: Still Photographer
Kelsea Pelletier: Graphic Artist

The pilot is currently being pitched to various networks. We should know…

Wish me some seriously rugged luck!