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Guiding is a great career… for the right people. You need a lot of patience, no doubt. And, you really need to have a genuine interest in people. You have to like people. Of all the hundreds of guides I’ve worked with, the best ones always, were the ones who were fun to be around for a few days. It’s a “people business.” Many guides believe they are good guides because they know a lot about hunting and fishing. That’s important, but you also must be able to handle yourself around strangers for a week or so at a time. That requires some skill.

Here are a few tips for you… and I’ll be adding a pile more as time goes on. If you’ve been guiding and have a few tips you’d like to share, by all means, bring it on, baby!

Back in Ontario, I used to teach a fifteen day guide’s training program. I wrote the manual back in 2006 – 2007 and it’s written in book format, so one could go back and read it again a year or two later and still learn from it. There is a huge section about how to start your own business as well. Everything from how to write a business plan, acquiring funding, sales & marketing, human resources… the whole shebang. You may start off as a fishing guide, and end up running your own camp someday. Go for it… Hey, what is so unrugged about spending you’re the majority of your life on the lake and in the woods?


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