Guide’s Checklist

Guide's Checklist
If you’re either out on the lake or out on the land with your client (s) and you suddenly realize you “forgot” something, if you’re lucky, you’ll be just a little embarrassed. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be in a situation of great compromise and maybe even to the point where you and your guest’s safety is in jeopardy. Hopefully, your guy won’t throw you out of the boat!

Create a check list that you can refer to each morning before you start out. Include everything in the list. It wouldn’t be all that difficult to simply overlook or “forget” something that you’ll really need during the day. I can recall many times some of the guides I’ve fished and hunted with asking, “Hey, RD, do you happen to have a fillet knife, or a pair of pliers, or a bandage, or a lighter, or, or, or…” If the guide has a list that he or she refers to before they leave camp, how can he forget something?

I always insist that my camera operators use a check list so they won’t forget something we need for the day’s production plans. How many times I’ve heard this, “Don’t worry, I got everything,” I’ll never know. I remember this one time we rode about an hour down the lake to fish with hopes of getting some footage for a show. The fish were biting, the weather was perfect and then my cameraman says, “Ummm, RD? We have a slight problem.” Thinking maybe he had to take a poop or something, I calmly asked “What’s the matter?” He replied with a nervous tone of voice that told me that he wished he could have anywhere else in the world at that time. “Uh… like… um… well, uh… I forgot to bring an extra video tape and there is only one minute left on this one. Sorry.”

Mr. Dumb Ass didn’t check his list before we left camp because if he did, he would have brought an extra tape. Actually, he would have brought two extra tapes because that is what is written on the list. 2 Extra Tapes. So, right in the middle of the great fishing and weather, we had to stop and drive an hour back to the cabin to get a tape. By the time we got back to our spot (two hours later) the rain was starting and the fishing shut down. This complete screw up wasn’t caused because my cameraman forgot to bring an extra tape. It was caused because my cameraman didn’t use his check list.

Use a check list!

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