Tie ’em in!

tie em in

There are a bunch of essential “tools of the trade” that every guide must have as a part of their arsenal and no, I’m not talking about guns! If you’re working as a fishing guide, there are two of these items that end up in the lake from time to time.

Long nosed pliers and jaw spreaders are two of those “essentials.” And, since there is a tendency to use these tools over the side of the boat, it’s only a matter of time until one, if not both of them end up in the lake. Tie both your pliers and jaw spreaders to your boat using a small cord or thin rope of some type. Give yourself enough slack line (about three feet) so you can operate unrestricted. You’ll need one set of each (pliers and spreaders) on each side of your boat.

Use electrical tape to attach the cord to the handle of the pliers and or spreaders. Tape is less bulky than a huge knot.

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