Wash Your Friggin’ Hands!

Wash Your Friggin’ Hands

“Always wash up before you begin cooking for your guests”

Okay, you are guiding your fishermen, your guests, your clients or whatever you want to call them. You’ve been fishing all morning, having a great time slammin’ walleyes. Now, it’s time for shore lunch.

I can honestly say, I can HONESTLY say, that, after watching at least 200 guides cook shore lunch, I have never seen anyone wash their hands before cooking the food. If you were working in a restaurant kitchen and you didn’t wash your hands properly, you’d be sent home. So, why then, is it okay to work at the “Shoreline Restaurant,” and not wash your hands? It isn’t. I might be rugged, but that doesn’t mean I’m disgusting.

Whenever I’m guiding, I always keep a little bit of soap in my kit and not only do I wash my hands before cooking, I make sure my people SEE me washing my hands. Poor hygiene is a common complaint from people who pay big money to go on a vacation to a fishing lodge.

Wash your friggin’ hands!

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