Blow the Stop Whistle

Blow the Stop Whistle
If you’re hunting a big game animal and you want to it stop, all you have to do is make some type of foreign sound. I’ve stopped a lot of deer by whistling at them, even after I startled them and they were running. I even yelled at a deer once and it stopped to see what the hell that weird sound was. That was a huge mistake… for the deer.

I was in Newfoundland a few years back on a moose hunt and there was a cow moose hopping along. My shot was around 160 yards and I knew I could make that shot… if the moose was standing still. When she reached a point in the clearing where I knew I’d be able to see her clearly, I whistled loudly and she stopped and looked at me. She didn’t think… she just reacted to that “weird sound” that she had never heard before. I already had the cross hairs on her and when she stopped, I settled in and – bang.

I’m not a fan of shooting animals that are on the move, unless they’re at close range. And, even then… it’s not a great shot. There’s too much chance of wounding and not killing. I would never shoot at a running big game animal either, especially a deer.

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