Deer Decoys

deer decoys

“This decoy will hold the attention of a buck while you draw your bow.”

I’ve been deer hunting from treestands for more than 30 years, but it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I started using decoys. And, I can tell you that there are some major advantages in using one.

The obvious thing is that a live deer might be attracted to a decoy, making it more likely that you’ll get a decent shot. But, what I really like about using a decoy, is that when a deer, especially, a nervous buck comes in, 95% of his attention is on the decoy. This gives you a little room for error when it comes time to draw your bow or shoulder your rifle.

There are different types of decoys and I’ve tried most of them. I find the plastic ones (that come apart for transport) are the best to use. The inflatable ones are handy to carry, but I’ve had a few problems with them. Whichever type you use, anchor the legs down using a couple pieces of rebar hammered into the ground, then plastic tie wraps or something similar to hold two of the decoy’s legs to the rebar. Once, I had a live deer walk up and knock the decoy over because I didn’t bother anchoring it down since it wasn’t windy that day. In other words, I just got lazy. But, holy shit… it was funny to see that young buck’s reaction when the decoy fell over because he was sniffing her ass!

Lesson learned – if you’re a young buck and would like to sniff a hot doe’s ass… be a gentleman and ask her for permission first!

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  1. Hello, I agree with you that decoys have advantages in using them. but try don’t use the plastic one.

  2. Then how do you explain the deer that routinely walk in hunters trails or stand and eat at a bait pile? Deer smell people all day every day

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