Don’t Forget Basic Skills

Don’t Forget Basic Skills Hunting Tips

Let’s admit it… hunters are spoiled rotten these days, with all the electronic gizmoz and gadgets that one could get their hands on. A good example is the Global Positioning System. A GPS can be unbelievably accurate and very useful. However, batteries die, signals fail and worst of all, that fancy-ass GPS might not tell you that there’s a great big, goddam swamp a half mile ahead of you.

I do have concerns that the so-called “expert woodsman” of today may not be nearly as skilled as the woodsmen of yesterday. I think it’s best to use the technology that is available to us, but we must not forget to use the older and more traditional ways of wilderness navigation and survival. I know guys who own half the Cabela’s catalogue worth of gear but without it, they’d die a slow, horrible death if they ever got turned around and had to spend a few days in the bush. A compass is light weight (compared to a GPS) they’re always reliable, they’re inexpensive and don’t require batteries or satellites in order to work. I use a compass and maps when it comes to my off-trail excursions. I don’t use a GPS at all.

If you happen to know an elderly person who has spent a lot of time in the bush, a real “old-timer” of say 70 – 80 years of age, sit down and listen. If you live on or near a First Nations community, meet up with one of the Elders, light a campfire, take a seat and – LISTEN to them. You will learn more in a couple hours with an elder than you will from a lifetime of screwing around with electronic gadgetry.

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