Know Your Range

Know Your Range

Archery hunters must know the difference between 10 and 20 yards and 20 and 30. These days we’re lucky to have laser range finders to remove the guess work from it. I’ll bet there are a lot less wounded deer these days thanks to these devices. I’m so used to mine that I almost couldn’t hunt without it. I’m spoiled, really.

Sometimes, you may not have time to “range” the deer before you shoot. If you’re in either a tree stand or a ground blind, always pre-range the immediate area in which you think you might see a deer within bow range. For example, that small pine tree over there is 18 yards. That birch tree is 25 yards and that small creek is exactly 41 yards away. Knowing your ranges in advance will in most cases, save you from having to range the deer before you shoot. Now, if you have time, of course, use your range finder before the shot.

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