Silhouette Decoys

Silhouette Decoys

If you’ve been hunting ducks and geese for quite a few years, you can stop reading right now. But, if you’re new to the sport, or thinking about getting into it, you’ve likely been thinking about what type of decoys to buy. After all, hunting waterfowl over decoys is a great way to fill your bag limit. And, your dinner table!

There are so many types, styles and brands of duck and goose decoys these days, so do some research. One thing I can recommend is the use of silhouette decoys, which are one dimensional, “flat as piss on a plate.” They work well, especially if you use them in conjunction with full body decoys. You can really “add bulk” and fill out your spread with “flats.” Plus, as an extra bonus, you can carry a million of them in your truck or a few dozen in a carry bag, easily.

Silhouettes are often used in grain fields and muddy shorelines. Just make sure to point them in different directions and keep them spread out to imitate a relaxed, feeding flock. And, don’t worry if they get a bit muddy… they’ll look a bit more natural and reduce some possible shine from the sun.

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