Tie ‘er Down Good!

Tie ‘er Down Good!

“You can see the ratchet in place.  That stand is tighter than a frog’s ass!”

Tree stand hunting is, in my opinion, the best way to hunt deer if you’re sitting in one spot… or “stand hunting,” as they call it. Hunting from 15 – 18 feet up in a tree gives the hunter many advantages that the ground hunter doesn’t have.

First, heat rises, so your body scent will likely rise too, keeping it away from the deer’s nose. And, deer don’t expect danger from above (wolves don’t fly,) so you can get away with a bit more movement if you’re out of their normal sight line. You get a great view from up in a tree and there are far fewer branches and twigs between you are the deer, handy for when you take your shot, especially, with a bow. But, there is always a certain level of risk while hunting from a tree stand.

I take no chances. Along with the straps and chains that the manufacturer provides with the stand, I also use a good quality ratchet that goes around the bottom of the stand and around the tree. This way, the bottom of the stand is solid… there’s no chance of it “kicking out” on you. But, make sure you use a good quality ratchet, not some piece of crap from the Dollar Store!

Falling out of a tree stand and landing on your head? Unrugged!

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