Walking Stick (Gun Rest)

Walking Stick (Gun Rest)

If you are hunting big game with a rifle you must be able to make a 200-300 yard shot. I don’t know about you, but I could not make a 200 yard shot without a rest, especially, just before dark, when I’m freezing my onions off, my heart is pounding and I’m shaking like a leaf. Come to think about it, I don’t think I could make even a 100 yard shot without a rest!

You could buy a shooting pod / mono pod type deal from the store and that would work just fine. But, for less than $2.00 you could make a shooting rest that will also work as a walking stick. Buy a piece of 2x2x8 from your local lumber yard. Cut it to the right height for you to shoot standing up and then notch the top and put a tiny bit of fabric on it so your rifle won’t slip while you’re aiming. Finally, round off the grip area so your hand doesn’t get all torn up from the sharp, square edges of the 2x2x8.

You now have a shooting rest and walking stick combo that would cost you less than two bucks. You could achieve the same thing by finding a small diameter tree or branch with a “Y” or notch for you rest. Then, cut it down like you did with your piece of lumber. A buddy of mine took two hockey sticks, cut the blades off and attached them together by drilling through and placing a wing nut through the hole. Now he has a good solid rest that he can spread the legs apart of.

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