Moccasin Trails with RD

Moccasin Trails with RD

After travelling across Canada “more times than I can count,” I can tell you what this great country of ours has to offer the ultra-rugged vacationer!  Canada has it all – great fishing and hunting in pretty much all regions of the country.  We also have a diversity of wildlife and breathtaking scenery that you wouldn’t be able to appreciate unless you saw it for yourself.

In northwestern Ontario, the First Nations of the Ojibwe and the Cree are regarded as highly skilled woodsmen; hunters, anglers, trappers and outdoor cooks.  This new show is all about the people of the north, their culture, their traditions and – their hunting and fishing!  And, they’re pretty cool people too!

In the late summer of 2013, myself and Matt Popowich from Westfort Films produced a 7 minute promotional video for the owners of the Native Camp Operators Alliance.  Check it out!


Myself, along with David Paul Achneepineskum of Matawa First Nations and his team of professionals are working to bring this great new show to air.  We currently have broadcast agreements with four major networks in the outdoors TV genre.  If all goes well, sometime soon, you’ll be able to see this new series all across Canada and the United States as well as in seven European countries.

Check out the pilot episode below.  (Three segments)