Nothing Wrong With being LAZY

Nothing Wrong With being LAZY

“Maybe I should call my sharpener Lay Z!”

I don’t mind doing things the easy way… you could even call it the lazy way. Hey, I have an idea… if I ever become a famous rapper (The Rugged Rapper, dressed in full camo and wearing a pair of suspenders and hip boots), I already have my rapper name picked out –

Lay Z

But, sometimes the lazy way is just another way of describing the easy way. For years, I used to sharpen my chainsaw with a hand file and they work very well. And, I still use one if I’m way back in the bush somewhere. The advantage is that they can be used anywhere and they don’t take up any space if you’re packing in to some remote place. But, if you are cutting in a place where your vehicle is close by, or any other battery is close by, try one of the electric chain sharpeners. Very few people use them. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw someone using one.

I bought one about 20 years ago and wow… that damn thing gets my chains super-sharp super-fast. Simple alligator clips attach to the positive and negative posts on the battery. It’s a lot like a mini grinder, and the stones are replaceable. If you just do the average amount of cutting, one stone would last you all season, easily. There are different sizes, so make sure you get the right one that fits your chain. Know the model of the saw you have. Or, remove the chain from the saw and bring it in, if you’re still not sure. Or, if you want to be a rapper someday and you like the name, “Lay Z,” bring the whole goddam saw in with you.

An electric chain sharpener, at least a decent one, sells for about $60. A great idea… Actually, come to think of it, one would make a very rugged birthday gift!

Do they come in full camo?

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