You Get Your Water From Where?

You Get Your Water From Where?

“Clean water – for free.”

I’m pretty lucky. I found a great piece of property that I really like. It’s private, 2.3 kms from the road and I could actually afford it. But, the coolest part – it has a river running through it. It has a good flow, it’s clear and there is plenty of it. About three feet is the average depth. It also has brook trout swimming in it… so some of my meals come from that river. But that’s another story altogether!

If you are considering buying some land and building an off-grid home, you really must think about water. Yes, water! That stuff we need to drink and wash things like dishes and clothes. What? Me, worried about having clean clothes? I know, I know, I’m supposed to be rugged. Well, just so you know, I wash my jeans once a year whether they need it or not.

You Get Your Water From Where?

“There’s no chance of running THIS well dry!”

Let’s say you found some great land. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. Or, is it? Where will your water come from? Sure, you could drill a well. Or, dig one. But both of these options will cost you some serious cash. A drilled well could easily put you back $15 – $20,000. And, a dug well could go $10K. There are two problems though. One, how much water will you have? And two, what will the quality be like? It could have a ton of minerals in it which would stink and be lousy to drink. (Hey, I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!) Hard water would stain your clothes too. So, I went in another direction.

My water comes from the river behind my house. It’s clear, it’s safe to drink, and it’s unlimited. It would be impossible for me to run it dry. I made sure though, that there wasn’t any weird crap going on up-river from my land; no farms with cows shitting in the river, no sawmills dumping crap into it and no weird environmental issues… nothing. I had it tested with the Ministry of the Environment and it came back “surprisingly clean,” as they told me. All I had to do was put a UV filter on the system and bingo – I have great water! The pump is in the river and it pushes the water into the house, rather than pulling it the whole way from the house. It’s a lot easier on the system that way.

You Get Your Water From Where?

“Dinner… courtesy of the river.  And, a Mepps Spinner.”

Another very cool thing about getting my water from the river… I didn’t have to spend twenty grand. So, if you can, buy some land with a river. You’ll be glad you did. So will your garden, your horses, your goats, your ducks, your geese, your chickens and your dogs.

And, so will your belly if there are fish in it!

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