How ‘Bout Them There Rugged Dudettes!?!?!!!

How ‘Bout Them There Rugged Dudettes

“Rugged Dudettes are just as rugged and in many cases, even MORE than the Rugged Dudes!”

One thing that never surprises me is just how many rugged women there are out there! Okay, women, ladies, girls… chicks… whatever. There once was a time when very few women went hunting or fishing. These days, there are tons of women out there, hammerin’ Canada geese, slayin’ ring-necked pheasants, drillin’ whitetail deer, moose and elk with their bows and catching anything catchable with their rods and reels. In fact, the best guide I ever had was a 23 year old fly fishing guide from southwestern Alberta. She was a 10 in every way…

I call ‘em Rugged Dudettes! Nothin’ cooler or more rugged than chicks wearin’ a pair of Carhartts and hip boots!

When my previous show, Officially Rugged with RD, was on the air, we would often get a couple hundred emails a week from Rugged Dudettes from all over Canada and the United States. They would tell us about their latest hunting or fishing excursion and in many cases, how they kicked their husband’s or boyfriend’s ass by catching more fish or nailin’ more ducks than they did!

That’s pretty damn rugged…

Here are a couple wicked rugged or unrugged lists that were sent in to our site not too long ago.

This first one is from Jessica Franks, who is from Alberta


Your favourite snack is venison jerky
Meeting the Rugged Dude in a Tim Hortons while on vacation in Ontario
Going duck hunting 17 days in a row (true, me and the husband)
Owning more Mossy Oak camo clothing than regular clothes (and wearing them to work)
Never buying eggs from the store – having your own chicken coop


Buying Martha Stewart frying pans and pots
Flying all the way to Toronto to see the Phantom of the Opera (ex-husband – dumbass)
Listening to the Bee Gees in your truck
Ordering wine that you can’t pronounce in a fancy restaurant that you can’t afford to be in
Taking more than five minutes to get ready in the morning, especially putting on make-up and doing your hair

This one is from Marcia ***** from Ontario


Treating your car as if it were a truck
Driving around with that dead deer on the hood of your car (Ooops, not all rugged people own trucks)
Fishing in the rain – sure beats washing the kitchen floor
Sitting around the campfire, moose blood still on your clothes while cooking over the fire
Not caring what people think when you still smell like the fish you just cleaned


Dressed “to the nines” with no place to go
Using hand sanitizer every time you touch something
Being prim and proper no matter where you are or what you’re doing
Taking more stuff camping with you than most people have in their homes (ie: TV, Dish. DVD player, microwave, blender, etc)

And, here’s some more rugged stuff that just came in to the site yesterday… from Rugged Dudette, Kat (Karen) from?? Well, we’re not too sure.

OK what about Rugged Dudettes? OK that word is definitely NOT rugged.

(RD says> I think it is!!)

Tights are in again…. camo or flowered?

Buy your guys work socks or hand knit out of heavy 100% wool?

Your older brother shoots a deer and calls you to come field dress it.

Your husband won’t take you hunting anymore because you are a better shot than he is.

Your preferred cooking method is a wood stove, a BBQ, and a clay wood fired oven.

The only soaps and lotions your family has you made in your kitchen.

Your kids don’t know what store bought bread and baking tastes like. (Maybe border line?)

Your truck puts most city boy’s vehicles to shame….

RD says > Okay, Kat – I’m telling you right now, you just scored a 9.3 on the ruggedtivity scale!

Nice job! Now, go outside and shoot a rabbit or something and bring that mark up to a full 10!

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