My Biggest Fish!

My Biggest Fish

“Lac La Ronge has enormous lake trout!”

“Hey, RD, what’s the biggest fish you ever caught?” I am asked this question a lot… especially by kids. I caught this lake trout back in 2004 on Lac La Ronge in northern Saskatchewan. I caught it on a Lucky Strike Lizard dragged behind a downrigger in about 100 feet of water.

That bugger fought me for about a half hour or so… and we had a tough time getting him into the landing cradle. My guide, “Tubs,” told me it would weigh “around 37 pounds.” I was so concerned about not being able to revive it, that I didn’t take the time to weigh it, nor did I take the time to take still photos. The shitty image you see was lifted from the video of the Officially Rugged episode we were taping.

Looking back I wish I would have taken better pictures, but… then again, that extra time out of the water (after a long battle) just may have been enough to kill the old bastard. He fought gallantly, so I figured I owed him another chance to swim… and swim he did.

I’ve caught hundreds of lake trout between 10 and 20 pounds but that big lad was by far the biggest fish I’ve ever caught. But, who knows the real weight… any guesses?

I wonder if I used dynamite would I be able to break my record??????????? Naw, I’d probably just break my boat…

Blowing up your boat with dynamite… unrugged!

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