Oh Canada!

Whenever I meet someone from a different country like the USA, or someone from a different part of the world altogether, they often tell me that I am lucky to live Canada. I agree. We have a very small population considering the size of the place… lots of room to live. One of the best things about Canada is the remoteness that we have; the wilderness, the lakes, the rivers, the mountains… and the wildlife. Bottom line – Canada is RUGGED!

Speaking about wildlife, I’ve been lucky to have travelled much of this country and have seen a lot of animals. I thought you might like to see some of them…

Oh Canada - Moose in Water

“This shot was taken in northwestern Manitoba. You can see the antlers are still in development for the season. So, given that, can you tell what month this photo was likely taken in?”

Oh Canada - Beaver

“This eager beaver felt at home at a fishing lodge in northwestern Ontario, about a one hour float plane north of Ear Falls. And, to think that I sometimes complain about my chainsaw not being sharp enough… these guys cut trees down with their teeth!”

Oh Canada - Fawn

“This little bugger from Ontario better not be so trusting when hunting season comes around.”

Oh Canada - Pine Marten

“I was out setting some rabbit snares one day near my previous home in Ontario when this furry little Pine Marten kept following me around. I guess he somehow knew that I was setting RABBIT snares that day…”

Oh Canada - Moose Woods

“I saw this moose while driving on the Trans-Canada highway east of Upsala in northwestern Ontario. I stopped my truck and walked right up to them. They always seem know when hunting season starts, which was still a couple months away.”

Oh Canada - Goose

“This crazy Canada goose would NOT let me by in my truck. Finally, she flew off after I got out and walked toward her. Must have had a nest close by.”

Oh Canada - Owl

“This owl was giving me the evil eye as I walked past in Peace River, Alberta.”

Oh Canada - Deer

“These whitetailed deer were grazing along the side of an old gravel road in central Saskatchewan.”

Oh Canada - Fox

“This little red fox was hanging around our cabin (and being well-fed) on a fly-in lake in Northwestern Ontario.”

Oh Canada - Bear Woods

Oh Canada - Bear

“This bear was banging away at my BBQ on the back deck, back in 2008. I went out and chased him away. But, the next morning, he tried to come in through a window. When he got to be that brazen, I shot it on the back deck.”

Oh Canada - Ducks

“These mallards were resting on some open water near my home in Nova Scotia.” They are very lucky the duck season was closed!”

Oh Canada - Bird

“This Whiskey Jack in Newfoundland was hungry… and brave!”

Oh Canada - Weasel

“This weasel in Newfoundland made a home in that wood pile.”

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