The Rugged Dude Dinner Jacket

The Rugged Dude Dinner Jacket

“This is the only type of “jacket” I’ll ever need!”

I do not own a suit and tie. Not even one. I don’t even own a “sports jacket.” Believe it, or not… I really don’t care. And, I will never own one either. I’ll never need one. If you ever saw me in one, you wouldn’t recognize me.

I do have several Dinner Jackets, however… the Rugged Kind! And, I like them the most when they’re really broken in… “ruggedized,” in other words. I hate buying new ones, because it takes a good while to break one in. I’ve bought several at the second hand clothing shops over the years. The most I’ve ever spent on one is about $6.00!

The Rugged Dude Dinner Jacket

“The more broken in or ‘ruggedized,’ the better!”

There is only one way to break in a Rugged Dude Dinner Jacket, and that’s by goin’ out and doin’ rugged stuff! If you end up with a torn sleeve and maybe a button or two busted off, your jacket scores higher in my books.

Sittin’ around the campfire wearing a Rugged Dude Dinner Jacket… RUGGED!

Sitting around a fancy-ass restaurant wearing a jacket and tie… UNRUGGED!

And, stupid as hell.

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