When the Rugged Dude is Away, the Animals Will Play!

Rugged Dude Animals
Back in 2010, I built a new house way back in bush and way off the grid. The property was 35 miles outside Thunder Bay, in an area known as “Kam,” short for Kaministiquia. Somewhere near the halfway point in the building process, I had to leave town for a few weeks to teach a guide training course in Manitoba. Not that I was paranoid, but more curious to see who, if anybody, was snooping around while I was gone.

Rugged Dude Animals

So, I set up a trail camera aimed at the back door. Well, when I got home there were hundreds of pictures on the camera. None of people… but, tons of birds, squirrels, rain… any kind of movement would cause the camera to take a picture. But, there two great photos I think you’ll get a kick out of. Check ‘em out!

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