Rugged Rants

Lousy Customer Service

I guess I’m just like a lot of people.  I don’t make tons of money and when I spend portions of it I expect a leastdecent customer service.   I’m low maintenance, not hard to please.  But, when I walk up to a counter to speak to a sales representative and the guy says, “Yes,” or “Yep” which I really friggin’ hate, it’s evident that the guy with the one word greeting skills needs some training.   Or, maybe just a Mydol. [Read More]

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Random Ruggedtivity

Be Careful… We’re Watching You!

“Not sure if this is a wolf or a coyote, but I’m leaning toward coyote. This guy looks very hungry just like “Wile E. Coyote,” who was always chasing the Roadrunner.” Many hunters use trail cameras these days. I never used to bother with them and I would half- jokingly say that using one is “cheating.” Then, one season I gave it a whirl… after that, I no longer considered it to be “cheating.” I then began to describe a [Read More]

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Rugged Off-Grid/Homesteading

How to Cook on a Wood Burning Cook Stove (without going mental!)

When I think about things like living off the grid or homesteading, an old wood burning cook stove comes to mind, right away.  I couldn’t live the way I do without one. “The focus of my Ultra-Rugged kitchen!” Some of my fondest memories of when I was a kid were when I used to watch my Grandmother cooking on the old wood stove. There was something really special about coming down the stairs on the opening morning of duck season [Read More]

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Random Rugged or Unruggeds

The Trip of a Lifetime (Or, will it be a trip to hell and back?)

Written by the Rugged Dude

The Trip of a Lifetime (Or, will it be a trip to hell and back?)
If you are possibly, sort of, kind of, maybe even thinking about booking a fishing or hunting trip to a lodge or outpost camp… or even a simple day-trip with a guide, RD’s new book is for you! Written over five years by the Rugged Dude, this 217 page book tells it like it really is. After having been on more 200 fishing or hunting trips all across Canada, RD knows what can go right on a “Trip of a Lifetime,” and what can go horribly wrong on a “trip to hell and back.” Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned veteran of Canadian fishing or hunting trips, this book could save you incredible hassle, stress and even a financial nightmare.

Buy it now - $12.95

Rugged Guide Certification E-Book

Written by the Rugged Dude

Rugged Guide Certification E-Book
From 2000 through 2009, I hosted and produced more than 160 episodes of my television show, “Officially Rugged with RD,” along with more than 100 full length feature videos, thirty second television commercials and promotional videos for hunting and fishing lodges and resorts. In my travels, I have hunted and fished in many regions of Canada and the United States. I’ve been to more than 150 lodges, resorts and outpost camps. I have also attended many sport shows, which includes public speaking engagements and “meet and greet” appearances. I know this industry well and I am eager to pass my knowledge along to you.

Buy it now - $45.00

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Check out Rugged Dude take down this 400 pound blond black bear with a bow from 5 yards! #RUGGED

Rugged Fishing

A Canadian Fly-In Fishing Trip… Yes, You Can!

“Load ’em up, let’s go!” When I was a kid growing up in Ottawa, I used to love watching the old Red Fisher show. To me, that show was even cooler than Scooby Doo! Back then, Red was the only fisherman on Canadian television, so he was very famous in the Great White North, a household name. Every Saturday morning, I’d get up and stagger out to the kitchen and grab a big bowl of Captain Crunch (which by the [Read More]

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Rugged Hunting


“RD with his “lucky” buck.” Sitting fifteen feet above the frozen ground with a stiff, November breeze smacking you in the face can make a guy appreciate things like hot coffee, long underwear and woodstoves.  It can also make a guy appreciate whitetail deer hunting. As I very slowly moved my head from side to side I noticed a quick movement to my far right.  My heart rate accelerated and I suddenly forgot how cold I was.  But, within two [Read More]

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Rugged Recipes

Rugged Dude Pizza

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t LOVE pizza… but, many people (me included) are tired of all the national pizza chains.  After a while, they all seem to be the same. I really love the homemade “ma & pa” places that make pizza the way it should be, the old way; rustic and delicious.  Sadly, the private, family run pizza shops are dying off for one reason or another.  This is such a shame. Where I live, there are no [Read More]

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