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For the record I’m a Caucasian male.  That’s right.  I’m a white guy.  Back in the seventies, some African Americans referred to white people as “honkeys.”  I thought that was rather funny to be honest, especially when Richard Pryor said it. Racism has been around since the beginning of time.  Wars always were – and still are – fought over race and creed.  Someone hates someone else because their skin is of a different tone than theirs.  Hitler deemed Jews [Read More]

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Random Ruggedtivity

Theo, the Thermos

“Theo, the Thermos” If you wrap camouflage duct tape around something, does that automatically make it rugged? Hmmm… not necessarily, but it sure would help. Here are a few things that no matter how many rolls of duct you wrap them in, would never, ever become rugged: A pair of “spiffy” shoes A microwave oven An electric chainsaw A brief case A mini-van A wine bottle An electric lawn mower There are many things you could wrap duct tape around [Read More]

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Rugged Off-Grid/Homesteading

My Pet Fox

Back in 2010, I started building an off-grid house, way the hell back in the woods, 35 miles west of Thunder Bay, Ontario. This was a very good hunting and fishing area and it wasn’t unusual to wake up in the morning, look out my window and see deer, moose or black bear, along with a wide assortment of smaller critters like porcupines, pine marten, coyotes, wolves and squirrels. I even saw some drunk dude wandering across my back yard [Read More]

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Random Rugged or Unruggeds

The Trip of a Lifetime (Or, will it be a trip to hell and back?)

Written by the Rugged Dude

The Trip of a Lifetime (Or, will it be a trip to hell and back?)
If you are possibly, sort of, kind of, maybe even thinking about booking a fishing or hunting trip to a lodge or outpost camp… or even a simple day-trip with a guide, RD’s new book is for you! Written over five years by the Rugged Dude, this 217 page book tells it like it really is. After having been on more 200 fishing or hunting trips all across Canada, RD knows what can go right on a “Trip of a Lifetime,” and what can go horribly wrong on a “trip to hell and back.” Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned veteran of Canadian fishing or hunting trips, this book could save you incredible hassle, stress and even a financial nightmare.

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Rugged Guide Certification E-Book

Written by the Rugged Dude

Rugged Guide Certification E-Book
From 2000 through 2009, I hosted and produced more than 160 episodes of my television show, “Officially Rugged with RD,” along with more than 100 full length feature videos, thirty second television commercials and promotional videos for hunting and fishing lodges and resorts. In my travels, I have hunted and fished in many regions of Canada and the United States. I’ve been to more than 150 lodges, resorts and outpost camps. I have also attended many sport shows, which includes public speaking engagements and “meet and greet” appearances. I know this industry well and I am eager to pass my knowledge along to you.

Buy it now - $45.00

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Rugged Videos

Frontier Food With the Rugged Dude

Frontier Food with the Rugged Dude… Yes, I know it rhymes, it’s supposed to. Andy, one our ultra-rugged camera dudes first suggested “Wild Food with the Rugged Dude,” but we quickly found out there is already one or maybe even two shows with the words, “Wild Food” in the title. So, what with the frontier part? Well, a friend of mine once told me that my “frontier kitchen” looks pretty rugged. I thought that could be part of a cool, er, um, I mean… a rugged title. And, so it is.

Rugged Fishing

Planning Your Menu

“Loading up the Otter” (This article was written when I was living in Northwestern Ontario) If you are planning a fishing trip to Canada with a tourist operator, without getting into too much detail, you have mainly two choices.  One option is to go to an “American Plan” lodge or resort where they have a cook or chef and all of your meals will be taken care of.   Or, you could go to an “outpost camp” where you’ll be on [Read More]

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Rugged Hunting

Pretty Good But Not Totally Trained…

“RD, you look like a goddam idiot! “ I suppose it was my own damn fault!  I mean, what did I expect would happen if I went duck hunting with a guy who doesn’t really hunt very much.  After all, he did tell me straight up that he normally only hunts ducks one or two days each season. Warning flag… There are several things you can expect when you agree to hunt with some random guy that you met through a [Read More]

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Rugged Recipes

Wild Mallard Duck with Mushroom Risotto

I love eating duck, especially wild duck.  Mallard is the most plentiful and the most popular, but others like the wood duck, teal, and widgeon are also excellent.  There are many other species of wild duck that are top shelf for the table.  And, with a beaver pond (and my duck blind) only 200 yards from my back door, eating duck is a common occurrence for me throughout the fall and winter. Wild duck can be dry as it’s very [Read More]

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