Rugged Rants

Screaming Kids

Okay, maybe I’m just getting old.  Old and cranky… or old and shitty?  Or, am I?  Well, I recently turned 53.  Is that old?  Maybe…  But, probably not… well, to some yes and to others, no.  I saw a television commercial selling life insurance a few months ago and in it they said, “If you are between the age of 49 and 79, you qualify for the senior’s discount.”  So, I guess I’m in the “senior’s discount” category now.  According [Read More]

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Random Ruggedtivity

The Legend of the “Wulff”

The name Lee Wulff is a hugely famous one within the fly fishing circles. He was clearly one of the most well-known anglers in all of fly fishing. Born in 1905, he died in a plane crash in 1991. I was on a trip to Newfoundland a few years back and my guide took me to where one of Lee Wulff’s cabins was built… and still remains. If you know anything about Lee Wulff I thought you might find this [Read More]

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Rugged Off-Grid/Homesteading

Kick Those Goddam Ticks in the Ass!

I had never even heard of ticks until about 20 years ago. The first time I actually saw one, was back in about 1999, when I pulled a few off one of my dogs. But, the first time I had one of those little bastards stuck in me, would have been around 2005 or so. I was taking a shower one day and I thought, “What the hell? I had three stuck in me, so I grabbed a pair of [Read More]

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Random Rugged or Unruggeds

The Trip of a Lifetime (Or, will it be a trip to hell and back?)

Written by the Rugged Dude

The Trip of a Lifetime (Or, will it be a trip to hell and back?)
If you are possibly, sort of, kind of, maybe even thinking about booking a fishing or hunting trip to a lodge or outpost camp… or even a simple day-trip with a guide, RD’s new book is for you! Written over five years by the Rugged Dude, this 217 page book tells it like it really is. After having been on more 200 fishing or hunting trips all across Canada, RD knows what can go right on a “Trip of a Lifetime,” and what can go horribly wrong on a “trip to hell and back.” Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned veteran of Canadian fishing or hunting trips, this book could save you incredible hassle, stress and even a financial nightmare.

Buy it now - $12.95

Rugged Guide Certification E-Book

Written by the Rugged Dude

Rugged Guide Certification E-Book
From 2000 through 2009, I hosted and produced more than 160 episodes of my television show, “Officially Rugged with RD,” along with more than 100 full length feature videos, thirty second television commercials and promotional videos for hunting and fishing lodges and resorts. In my travels, I have hunted and fished in many regions of Canada and the United States. I’ve been to more than 150 lodges, resorts and outpost camps. I have also attended many sport shows, which includes public speaking engagements and “meet and greet” appearances. I know this industry well and I am eager to pass my knowledge along to you.

Buy it now - $45.00

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Check out Rugged Dude take down this 400 pound blond black bear with a bow from 5 yards! #RUGGED

Rugged Fishing

Northwestern Ontario’s Walleye Wonderland

“Me and my ultra-rugged fishing buddy, Mike (Plexy) Plexman with a juicy Ogoki River walleye. (Mattice Lake Outfitters)” I don’t know how many walleyes I’ve caught in my life. Thousands and thousands, I’m sure. And, the vast majority of them were caught somewhere in northwestern Ontario, deep in the Canadian Shield, north of Thunder Bay. I’m not sure how many walleyes I eaten in my life. Not thousands… but, hundreds? Damn straight, Jack! My preferred fly-in fishing trip is to [Read More]

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Rugged Hunting

Pretty Good But Not Totally Trained…

“RD, you look like a goddam idiot! “ I suppose it was my own damn fault!  I mean, what did I expect would happen if I went duck hunting with a guy who doesn’t really hunt very much.  After all, he did tell me straight up that he normally only hunts ducks one or two days each season. Warning flag… There are several things you can expect when you agree to hunt with some random guy that you met through a [Read More]

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Rugged Recipes

Rack of Lamb

I absolutely love lamb!  In my opinion, its flavour is something like that of venison, only a little milder.  So, if you’ve never tried lamb, especially the rib section or “chops” as they’re sometimes called, and you like venison… you’ll totally drool over this one!  Obviously, this recipe will work perfectly with a rack of venison too. If you’re not too familiar with the various cuts of meat, you’ll notice that a rack of lamb is the same shape as a prime [Read More]

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